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A tremendous success, thanks to 28 volunteers contributing 250 hours.  The result is badly needed revenue for our Community Service committee.  100% of the profits for all Rotary fundraisers go to the community.  Thank you Niagara for helping Rotary help your community.
uly 23 2020
Mati Fuller Left us all with so much to think about. Her presentation of Racism, opened our perspective to the history, issues and even answered our questions on what we can do to address this social wrong. Thank you Mati, your intelligence and passion are a true example of the hope we see in our future.
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We were all pleased that 2 missing members were able to joins this morning.  Doug Fraser was finally able to convince his wife to help him getting on zoom; and Carrie Zeffiro now has two job and neither require her to be at work at 7:30 am. 
Our speaker was a young entrepreneur, Karlene Markham.  She had an excellent presentation on Essential Oils, Their use in history, the types of oils available and how she claims they are remedies for a lack of energy or vitality, Sleep issues, Chronic Pain, and Emotional struggles.   After an energetic Q& A session, we promised to provide Karlene's email address if there were more Questions 
For a look at the entire meeting go to the Zoom meeting Page 
  1. Guests
    • Darren and Graham from the United Kingdom
    • Fred Batson from Buffalo (Our Honourary Member for the summer)
    • Yolanda from NOTL (with Tabitha Foundation)
    • Janne Ritskes (Our Speaker)
  2. Dues will be Due July 1st.   Notice will be sent shortly. 
  3. Bursary Update.... Still in Research stage
Our Speaker:  Janne Ritskes (Founder of Tabitha Foundation)
In 1994, the Tabitha Foundation was founded in Canada to support aid efforts begun by Janne Ritskes.  Their work focuses on the poorest of the poor in Cambodia, a country decimated by the Pol Pot regime in 1975-79 which promoted enforced starvation, mass executions and slave labour.
The name Tabitha refers to a disciple in the Bible who was “full of good works and acts of charity”.
Tabitha currently works with 38,000 people in 12 provinces of the country. Since 1994, Tabitha has lifted more than 4.6 million Cambodians out of poverty and despair, into lives of dignity, hope and active participation in their communities. Out of a population of 14 million, Tabitha’s impact on Cambodia is huge. [source: ]
Tabitha Foundation has a tremendous record of success with programs such as:
  • Savings Program
  • Wells
  • House Building
  • Cottage Industry
  • Building Schools
  • Women’s Hospital
All programs following the principles of our Rotary Foundation.  Aide based on the principle of a “Hand up; rather than a Handout”.   All Programs require recipient participation  with  planned sustainability.
The international Committee lead by Don Cruikshank has been a contribitor to The Tabitha Foundation for several years.  Watch the presentation by Janne Ritskes to learn more about this tremendous organization that is a definition of the word "Charity".
go to Zoom Meeting Page for YouTube link 
May 28 2020
Getting your Opinions
Can you spot the visitors ???
  • Darren Hands;  Plymouth UK
  • Viti from Baja, a small town on the Danube river in Hungary. ( a friend of Zoltan and Suzanna
  • Fred Batson;   Our 'summer time member from Buffalo NY
After an introduction by our guests and announcements by Dale we had a very spirited discussion on a Scholarship proposal being considered for our 'Meeting' Funds.   Dale said that the funds that we generate so far have paid for meals, and PPE for front line workers along with Tablets for Long Term Care facilities.  He suggests that since students are unable to work this summer, 2 or 3 scholarships for 1st year students going into Colleges or Universities.   Listen to the suggestions brought out by our members.  If you have any additional ideas, email Dale Hall.
Connect with meeting video:  sitepage/zoom-meetings
May 14 2020
Link to YouTube Meeting May 14, 2020 in Zoom Meeting Page
Following a spirited opening in which Dave again forgot to Mute everyone, Dale outlined some of the club efforts during this last week on the Pandemic. 
  • Pizzas and Masks were delivered to both the Valley Park Lodge and The Queenston Place.  Wyne expressed a heartful thank you from all.
  • All the Masks that were purchased have been distributed
  • We have had a good response from other Rotary club.  To date 7 of the 9 tablets that are to be donated to Regional Long Term Care facilities.   These are to be used by residences to communicate with there families during the Lockdown.
Happy Hour
  • Jenn is happy that her boat is in the water; Her Horse is healthy and Her son is well trained even though he wakes up at 3 PM
  • Chuck was delighted to receive the promised Hamberger and Fries (With milk Shake) from Jim.
  • Bob Smith has a great dinner delivered by his kids and enjoyed while participating during a Zoom 'Dinner'
  • Jim Sissions has reported that the p[lanned Golf tournament has been cancelled due to COVID 19.  he said that this is disappointing but really is the best for the times.
Our Speaker today was our own Scott Wright.  He provided us with a detailed explanation of how the pandemic has affected his business and it's operation.  After a detailed description of the new processes to managing labour, Suppliers, Clients and Government Regulations, I heard a few members whisper "Thank God I've retired",   Listen to this excellent presentation starting just after 19:40 of the YouTube tape go to The Zoom meeting Page: 
May 7, 2020
Full Meeting Video:  sitepage/zoom-meetings
Good attendance to club meeting today.  There were several notices
  1. The club and the Past President group is sponsoring a meal for staff at the Centennial Retirement Center
  2. Our TV auction is set for Dec 3rd weekend and after a Social media campaign pushing the idea of the community support Rotary provides. we will all start to canvas for product Donation
  3. Our participation in the Niagara Region Cluster group, has proven successful. This is where 12 local Niagara Region clubs commit a $1,000 US to a single International Project selected from the group.  In two years we have seen each club's $2,000 mushroom to over $200,000 via Rotary and Canadian Government grants. This all is supporting maternal and child health with water wells and community hygiene projects in Guatemala 
After a spirited "Happy Fine" session we heard from Alysson Story , a very active Rotarian from Chatham.  She is a third generation Rotarian and her enthusiasm for Rotary and her community was obvious. 
April 30 2020
Again we were pleased to welcome visitors:
  • Anna Antalfavi - Hungary
  • Elisa Lake - Caribbean Islands 
  • Jason Cherry - Brantford Ontario
  • Tara McKendrick - Niagara falls ON
Anna was our Exchange Student for 2018-19.  It was a pure pleasure to talk to her before the meeting. She too is doing her studies by Distance Ed, but right now is studying for one final exam and hopes to get into university for Sports Psychology.   All the best to Anna.
Dale presented a report on the items that our club and contributed to assist in this crisis period.  We have purchased 100 masks and will make available to members in need.  The 'feed' the Hero"  program has spend $1,484 to date, while the Community Kitchen received $1,350 for supplies to feed those in need.  Jim Sissons gave a report on the Rotary North American Golf tournament.  All looks good as far as organization is concerned, but the "Go-No go" date will be June 1st
Our presentor for this morning was Tara McKendrick, a director of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Niagara.  Tara gave a wide ranging talk on the affects of the Pandemic on the CMHC and people in general.  Their operation is now totally on line wirh most staff working on line from home.  Their crisis line and community support systems are available but surprisingly they are, like police, EMT and ambulance, finding less demand.  Tara feels that when concerns are directed towards survival issues and expect a 'rush' when the Physical Distancing is over.  Note she is making a point to call this Physical and not Social Distancing.  In truth this is what it is, while the word social leads to isolation and loneliness.
To see and hear the full meeting go to:  Zoom Meeting Page
April 23, 2020
It is amazing how we are all getting so use to the Zoom controls.  We had 24 attending this weeks meeting, including 3 from "Far Away"
to see the entire meeting login and go to:  Zoom Meeting Page
Interesting meeting.  Dale and Dave brought us up to date on some activities of the club. Then Dave Sebele proposed a project to supply face masks through a lady in his church that is sewing them.  The Board will discuss the idea on Monday 
Tamara Bennett then presented a talk on what the United Way of Niagara is facing during this crisis.  She spoke on who they are supporting, their greatest problems, how the government is helping. Of course their need is for Cash.  They are supporting major shelters and food banks that are faced with large need for cash. 
We are very pleased that His Worship Jim Diodati attended our meeting this morning,
After introducing us all to his "companion", Jim spent his allotted 15 minutes (actually 35 minutes); telling us about the great gestures that he has seen from the community during this 'Global Pandemic".  Starting with people sewing masks and donating Sanitizer to people in need, to major philanthropic donations that included a share of $250,000 to a shelter. food bank and community kitchen. He mentioned how the Hotel Industry is suffering yet is still helping out front line health care workers.  Jim even looked into his crystal ball and told us how the future will change post pandemic.   Thank you Mayor Jim for your time and enlighten view of the Niagara Falls community.
For all to see the meeting go to: Zoom Meeting Page
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